A-Tuwani – problems with the master plan

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Smadar Becker (reporter), and Mohammad. Editing: Mira Laban; Translator: Natanya
א-תוואני - בשיג של נאסר עדרה עם בתו בת ה-9

A visit to At-Tuwani, Masafer Yatta, to Nasser Adara. At the beginning of the visit I expressed my condolences on the death of the infant grandson. So sad. We asked where he was buried (Yatta), and from there a conversation developed about the outline plan for At-Tuwani.
In 2009, the committee of At-Tuwani requested an expansion of 170 dunams in the master plan. In principle there was agreement, but the Antiquities Authority, and the person responsible for the transportation did not sign.
In 2014, there was again a request for an expansion of 200 dunams, so that all the houses would be included in the master plan. Among other things, they also requested a cemetery, but no progress - there are always excuses and rejections.
The issue of access to the village and transportation is also problematic.  The entrance to the village requires two paths. It is not clear whose responsibility it is, and who approves what. The Civil Administrationinfo-icon and the army throw the responsibility each in the other direction. The discussion of the entrance to the village leads to the discussion of the water supply to the village. There is a water line from Be'er Sheva that passes through the plots of the residents of A-Tuwani, but... the water ends up only reaching the settlements (a similar situation exists in Susiya)! The head of the council was asked to indicate what they need in the whole water issue - two hundred cubic meters for At-Tuwani. He requested, at least, that at the entrance to the village be widened for the vehicle which transport the water tanks. There is hope that maybe this month something of all this will be implemented.

We went to visit Wadha, in Susiya. She was alone at home. She said that the little grandson underwent heart surgery, and they received permission for one day for tests in Israel. Says that lately the Jewish settlers from Susiya have been quieter lately.