'Anata-Shu'afat, 'Isawiya (East Jerusalem), Al-Ezariya, Container (Wadi Nar)

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Julia W., Rahel W. (reporting)


Anata   pretty much the same as usual at this time.  Children returning from school, vehicles proceeding through checkpoint without impediment.

Isawiya:  No change in the situation there.  Passage allowed to French Hill and the road to Maaleh Adumim:  Still military presence at the entrance to Mount Scopus and concrete barriers preventing vehicular traffic.

Azariah:  It appears that the whole place is turning into one big garbage dump.  Lots full of wrecked vehicles; trash heaps everyplace.

En route to Wadi Nar:  The area from which Bedouin were evicted and on which some infrastructure for future building was laid appears to have had some new retaining walls built.  Some remaining Bedouin continue to occupy the narrow sliver of land along the road.

Wadi Nar:  Very quiet.  What was in the past a bustling area is now very quiet.  A sparse number of vehicles pass through in both directions but we no longer see workers going through or vans waiting to transport people.  Desolate.