Etzion DCO: Why do all the soldiers go out together for a break ?

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שלומית שטייניץ ונתניה גינזבורג (דיווח וצילום)
אולם המתנה. שורות של כיסאות מתכת, מספר ממתינים
אישה משוחחת עם פלסטיני בחניון

10.30- 12.30


After we had sat for half an hour with only one person approaching us, a man whose tractor had been confiscated. He had been hired to plow the field but the army had confiscated the tractor as they said that he was working on state land. He was given the number of leap.  He claimed that the land had been of the man who had hired him  but  had no papers to prove ownership of it. He said there was no sign there saying it was forbidden.
Of course just as we were thinking to cut the shift short… there came three men from Hebron and Dura who were waiting for the Secret Service. One a carpenter, the other a student, the third we know nothing about. The first two said that they had received a phone call last night telling them to appear for questioning by the GSS. At least the army didn't break down their door in the house when they were told to come to the DCO.

A young woman arrived to take the permission for her to accompany her sister to hospital. The soldiers had gone for their lunch while the waiting room had 10 people waiting. The question is why do the soldiers all have to go together for their break.Unfortunately she was outside and we were trying to contact our ever helpful N. who was not around it seems. So when the gate opened she missed her turn and said that she had to go as she had another appointment. We told her to come back the next day at 10 and we gave her a phone number in case she had a problem.

A man whose son has been hospitalized for a month and a half, anesthetized and ventilated, at Shaare Zedek Hospital following an accident, has only received a pass once to see him.  Amira Hass wrote about this in Haretz news paper and the man was told to come to the offices of the DCO where they would give him a permit for one day

Rather strange was the story of the man who had his permit taken away from him. He said that people thought that they were going on a trip and that the bus driver had a permit for all but this turned out to be false. This was six months ago