Corona Times Report: Kufr Thulth - everyone is staying home

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Shosh A. reporting on a telephone conversation, Translator: Charles K.

This morning I telephoned M., our friend from Kufr Thulth.

It’s a small, very old village in Area B, but it’s lands are in Area C.  It’s located south of ‘Azzun, on the way to Siniriyya.  The Ma’aleh Shomron settlement was built on its lands.

When the separation fence was erected the village lands were cut off from the villagers who owned them, and since access is through a checkpoint – a seasonal agricultural gate – there isn’t any way to assist them during the olive harvest.

M. and his wife have an olive grove and they must harvest the fruit by themselves, and are unable to receive help from organizations or individuals.

In this time of corona, everyone is staying home.  The grocery opens daily for a few hours.  There are no shortages as of now.  He has enough food for his sheep for about two more weeks.  The Palestinian Authority established barriers at the entrance to the village; the quarantine is adhered to.

בכפר ת'לת' הרחובות ריקים