Mufaqara - the settler Yisrael Bloch from the Jebel Dov outpost among the Hamamda attackers

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Michal (watching, repoting and photographing) with Muhammad. Translator: Natanya
מופקרה - נעים חמאמדה שנפצע מתקיפת מתנחלים יומיים קודם הגיענו
מופקרה - מערת המגורים של נעים חמאמדה ומשפחתו

Mufarqara is now besieged from all sides so that only a 4x4 can reach them through At-Tuwani. We went to visit Naim Hamamda who was injured in a settler attack two days before we came.

On the way, on the hill on the other side of the road to Mitzpe Asael, stood the flag of Israel. Israeli flags are scattered all along the road, mainly in places where new settlements are located, in territories that do not belong to them, as markers of territory.

Further down the road, a few meters from the turn to Susiya, a bulldozer is piling up piles of dirt along a large section that used to have access roads to Susiya, so that all access options are blocked. Soldiers guarded the bulldozer.

 So, as mentioned, we arrived thanks to the 4x4 to visit Naim Hamamda. He is still in the hospital in Yatta and stated that he suffers from fractures in his arms, severe injuries to his chest and head and needs medical treatment. The family lives in Mufaqara a little farther than Fadel, his cousin. They live in a cave. I was surprised how well-kept the entrance is and also inside it shines with its cleanliness and full of handicrafts by Naim's wife. His wife said that he grazed his herd on the family's land as he always does, but this time two settlers arrived, one of them being Yisrael Bloch from the Jabel Dov outpost, who sprayed him with mustard gas and after he was blurred and stunned, beat him severely. Now, as mentioned, he needs hospital treatment. His wife says that this is the first time they have succeeded in this way. After the settlers attacked, they ran away and hid in a cistern. The army and the police arrived but did nothing but called the Red Crescent ambulance which took Naim to the Yatta Hospital. In the photos you can see him from a photo taken by the people of "Out of the Herd".

We expressed our sorrow and shame and wished him well of course. This is all we can do. And we will continue to be in touch with the family.