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Karin Lindner, Maayan Sacher, Noa Tsedaka and Tamar Fleishman; Translator: Tal H.

Fourth Friday of Ramadan


It’s not incitement by the Palestinian Authority that kills.

It is this:


And this:


It’s not Facebook that causes bloodshed.

It is this:


As well as this:


On the fourth Friday of the Ramadan month,  a man died at Qalandiya.

On the last Friday of the Ramadan month, as tens of thousands of men were crowding against the narrow passages, an officer announced on his communication system: “We have lost control”.

What sounded like a report echoed as an operation order for the forces that forced the crowd back with teargas and stun grenades fired at direct laying.


The Red Crescent volunteers, trained and equipped to give immediate medical aid to victims were not present on Ramadan Fridays this year, because of the Israeli army’s harassment of this organization’s ambulances last year.

Some of Mustafa Barghuti’s men were on site, but the only ‘equipment’ they possessed were the vests they were wearing.

Final account of the Red Crescent’s activity at Qalandiya from morning until noon:

1 death

40 people injured by inhaling teargas (most of them treated on site)

10 wounded, taken to hospital in Ramallah

1 woman lost consciousness as a result of sunstroke

1 man wounded by a stun grenade that hit his head

He was bleeding heavily from his head, said the ambulance driver who evacuated him. He’s an elderly man, we call him Sheikh, wearing white clothes, and the blood stained his clothes and red mixed with white.

And, hearing this, felt that the red was flowing between my own fingers over the Sheikh’s white clothes.

In the background, the sovereign’s holiday greeting:


They speak Orwellian.