Khalat Makhalu: disturbing settlers

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Rachel A., Yossi – shepherds’ accompanier


Palestinian Jordan Valley
October 1, 2022

In view of the situation in the Palestinian Jordan Valley, the daily harassment by colonists (thug youths manipulated by their bosses in the illegal outposts as well as the bosses themselves – a situation has arisen whereas the state, its army, the Civil Administrationinfo-icon, the police, all cooperate in crowning any Jewish colonist) – the accompaniers of Palestinian shepherds have volunteered to spend nights as well alongside the Palestinians. The police no longer show up. Nor is the army summoned.


So I spent a 24-hour watch at Khalat Makhoul, where youths on ATVs arrive daily and nightly, several times. When I was there, an ATV showed up driven by one boy in the morning, noon and evening. Every time he made a surprise visit, coming all the way to the residence and going back or proceeding to his next stop, as though letting us know he is alive and kicking, making his presence felt.

Khalat Makhoul, Yossi the accompanier, and a colonist on an ATV. Uninvited guest


This last time, Yossi caught him on his way and ordered him to split, and he did. The night was quiet.


Khalat Makhoul, Palestinian Jordan Valley, children at play

On Friday morning a demonstration took place of Palestinians and Israelis at two spots in the area. I was not there, but read about it and heard the voices.

Doron Meinert – we met the photographed group of thug-colonists yesterday…


Life goes on as usual. Grazing, feeding, caring for the rest of the animals and fowl and all the work around it. In the autumn there is hardly any milking, most of the sheep are pregnant. They graze in the early morning hours before the great heat, and again in the afternoon.

I stayed indoors to do various chores while the woman and children are in Tamoun village.

Khalat Makhoul, living here together are a cat and a dog, chickens and geese, pigeons and sheep, goats and a horse, and a donkey too

I spent the day earlier with the girls of the family in Haifa and Akko on a special trip. They returned to Tamoun, happy, preferring not to face the unwanted visitors in the Valley…

The Old City of Akko, the market; Photo – one of the tourists

The ceramic is produced in Hebron, sold at the Akko market, the inscription on the cup says “Akka”