Jordan Valley - Accompanying shepherds with The Coalition for the Jordan Valley

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Rachel A., Oded P., Nina S. Trans. Judith Green
Seriously? Does this make us safer?

We got to the encampment early in the morning,
Borchan was still organizing things before going out with the herd.
Around 7:30, the sheep went out to graze and we followed them.  They go quite fast on the hills and valleys and seem to know where they want to go.  They arrived and ate what little was left on the ground and, when we returned, they fell on the tanks of wheat and ate it all up happily.  It was clear that the grazing was pretty sparse. 
It was a quiet morning and calm and no settlers came to harass, not even Yusef, who was grazing opposite our hill.  But then we sat down for a light meal - the notice arrived:  they are destroying houses again.  We hurried off to the community of Ein el-Maita (to the west of Hamamat Al-Malih),

We couldn't enter the area, the army prevented that.  From afar we could see the destructive tractor.  A lot of army and cars and dust rising in the air.  After a few minutes, the tractor began to leave, and with it a line of soldiers, and we entered the area.  Destruction of a housing unit for a whole family.  The tents were destroyed and one could see only bits of the floor which were strewn about. 

The solar panels were entirely wrecked and, according to what people said, they removed the batteries of the panels without feeling any shame.

What was left for the people?  Only to rejoice that it wasn't the middle of the summer.  Horrible.  And all we can do is to record it and tell the story.