'Azzun, Habla, Huwwara, Jit Junction, Za'tara (Tapuah), Asira al-Kibliya

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Carol C., Fathiya (reporting); Translator: Judith Green


13:45  Habla traffic is flowing, not a lot of people.

13:55  At the entrance to Azzun there was a jeep with a few soldiers.

14:20  At the Jit junction the booth was manned and a jeep stood at the side of the road.

14:50  Asira al-Kibliya:  we had a meeting with the head of the local council, Abu Rafik, which had been organized ahead of time, about the 4 dunams of land which the IDF intends to confiscate.  A few months ago, the settlers began to throw rocks at the nearby houses and the residents did not stand by with empty arms.  They responded as well by throwing rocks.  They turned to the Palestinian DCO, which then turned to the Israeli DCO, and invited them to a meeting in Beit El where they told them that this area had been confiscated for military use.  The army put a military lookout there and, after a few weeks, moved the lookout and put a few caravans where civilians were seeing strolling around next to the caravans.  The settlers put some chickens in one of the caravans.  The caravans with the chickens flew off in a strong wind.  The army arrived and blamed the residents that they were the ones who did this.  Since then, every day the settlers come down and throw sound grenades on the houses.  They complained and reported this to the press, but no one was listening.

He said that the army had put the patrol road 100 meters from his house, so they also confiscated another 20 meters to protect the patrol road.  They had a problem with the water, as they have no approach to the well wich is near the settlement;  up to a year ago, they would drink from the wells of rain water which were in front of their houses.  With the help of USAID, they received water from the village of Oudlah, next to Huwwara.

16:00  Huwwara is manned.  Random inspection.  Also Bet Furik is manned.

16:45  Za'atra is manned.