Barta'a-Reihan, Tayba-Rummana, Tura-Shaked

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Neta Golan and Shuli Bar (reporting)

6:00-8:45 a.m.

The whole area was covered with heavy fog that dissipated only towards the end of our shift.

At Barta’a-Reihan Checkpoint there was a rather long waiting line to enter the terminal from the West Bank side. Apparently the pace of passage was ‘reasonable’ in checkpoint terms, since at the time quite a crowd came but the line was not growing longer.

We continued to Yaabad-Dotan Checkpoint and saw the potholed road that forces drivers to slow down considerably and bump over the deep cracks in the asphalt. While we observed this checkpoint, traffic was rather thin and flowed freely.

At Anin Checkpoint, as usual, first pedestrians walked out, and only then tractors passed through. The deputy head of the regional council told us they were making efforts to convince the army to open an agricultural checkpoint below and distant from the present one. The landowners in this area have stopped frequenting their fields for they must make a huge detour to reach them, and tractors are not allowed entry.

At the agricultural checkpoint Tayibe-Romana (in the photo) below the town of Umm Al Fahm, the DCO representative preceded us, but the gate was opened by soldiers and MPs with a 20 minute delay. Passage was swift and all the permits  (standing in the left corner of the pic` ) went through.

2.3.2017 Taibe romana c.p.png
photo: Shuli Bar Tayibe Romana c.p 2.3.2017