Dura-Al Fawwar Junction, Hebron, South Hebron Hills

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Muhammad and Daphna; Translator: Natanya

Sunday, Meitar checkpoint was very busy in the morning, parking lots full.

We drove on Route 60, the intersections with no barriers or army,

Entrance to Samu' is open, new cameras have been place at the intersection.

Dahariya is the same

Near Negohot, a Palestinian woman said that a settler woman was walking around her house, with children big and small, but did not say or do anything .....

At the entrance to Deir Razih, a new flag has been put up next to the army blocks.

Near Dura, there is an agricultural area with a building that was once owned by the Israeli army / police and today, settlers live there, until they find a place in the settlements.

Entrance to Hebron is open.

The Sheep Junction is open.

We turned to 356 and 317, between Maon and Carmel, again we see another hill that the settlers took over with herds and straighten it .....

There is no end and no limit!