Anin Agricultural Checkpoint: The IDF protects and litters

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Hagar D. and Hannah H. (reporting)
שקית אשפה זרוקה על האדמה עם פסולת מארוחת צהריים של החיילים נשפכת מתוכה

 Barta'a-Reihan checkpoint - 15:45

Road 611 Harish - Barta'a checkpoing that was so full of life in the Corona era is quiet and empty. The market that was active in the Barta'a junction has disappeared and only one break in the fence is used for passage.  There were no soldiers now and two people passed through, on of them carrying a bag loaded with merchandise.

 Barta'a checkpoint, 15:00

Women and children arrive from Jenin to Barta'a. Workers from Israel and the Seam Zone begin returning home, to the West Bank. A "Peace Dove Tours" bus brings a large group of agriculture workders.  An old acquaintance of ours who works in one of the sewing shops in East Barta'a tells us that lately a new attendant (a Ya'abed resident) was hired for the Palestinian side of the parking lot entrance and he charges 7 shekels for an all day parking (instead of the 5 charged by the previous attendant), that, considering their low wages, is a hardship.

Tura checkpoint - 15:25

Quiet and dirty as usual. A few people, women and children, pass from Jenin to their homes in the Seam Zone.

The earth mound by the Shaked settlement is growing weekly, and today a heavy equipment machine, an excavator, was working there. The   mound already reaches the first house of Dar al Milch. Hagar initiates a phone call with "Yesh Din"  (Volunteers for Human Rights) and reported it, requesting to find out: What is being built, and on whose land.

Anin Checkpoint - 15:45

M. and his son and their tractor, the only "formal" passangers through this agricultural checkpoint, are already waiting in the shed. All the rest pass through the opening that was not blocked but was "adorned" with a mound of dirt.  M. tells us that finally, a full week after the lock was changed (during which time the checkpoint was closed), the key has arrived from Haifa, and the checkpoint opened.  By the entrance to the shed where the Palestinians sit and wait, usually a very long time, for the checkpoint to open (the opening hours are never clear!!!) - soldiers ate their lunch with relish and left their trash as a memento. The IDF both guards and litters the land!