Imneizel - settlers put a tent on Palestinian land

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Muhammad and Daphna; Translator: Natanya

Sunday, right after the Feast of the Sacrifice, not everyone went back to work as usual, there was still "leftover" holiday and time off...

Abu Safi, underwent catheterization at the Hebron hospital, it went well, feels good, is being released today (and will probably continue to smoke)....

Farhan is taking the children out for a MachsomWatch beach day tomorrow, a fun day, really an exciting project.

Now in the fields, the harvest season, the hay is collected for the winter, in sacks, as food for the sheep.

Nasser from At-tuwani told us about Imneizel, a village near road 317, close to the fence, near the Metsadot Yehuda checkpoint. Also close to the farm of the settler Jacob Talia.

There are 2 plots there, in one of them, belonging to the Mor family. The Palestinians have to coordinate with the army to get to it and this plot is close to the aforementioned settler.

During the holiday, on the land of the family, which is used as a grazing area and also contains a water well, the settlers put up a tent.

The Palestinians arrived there with the sheep and there was a clash, including a fight and in the end 4 Palestinians were arrested. Although the army also destroyed the settlers' tent, they closed the area as a closed military area. The settlers again set up a tent, 50 m away and this is the situation now.

On Friday, in the morning, settlers from the illegal Havat Ma'on, put hay on the Palestinian land because they claim they have no other place. They even offered payment! The family that owns the land filed a complaint with the police.

That day, one of the Palestinian shepherds went down to the Wadi and when he came up,  he saw a fire in the field, and a settler from Havat Ma'on running away  to the woods next to the farm. The fire spread.  They called the Yatta Fire Brigade and also the army and the police. More than half an hour passed by the time they arrived!

In the meantime, the security guard of Ma'on arrived and helped put out the fire, initially in the settlement's territories....and in the meantime the fire burned olive trees and more of fields of the Palestinians.

A police jeep, which remained after the forces left the area, drove towards Mufaqara and started confiscating Palestinian vehicles. They ordered a tow truck and they towed 2 vehicles...

And there is no end to the abuses...