Dura-Al Fawwar Junction, Hebron, Sansana (Meitar Crossing)

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Ruthie Tuval from the Northern group, Hagit Back (reporting and photographing); Translator: Natanya

At the Meitar checkpoint 4 buses with the families of the prisoners have gone through with no problem and the workers as well.

In general there are no blockages or military vehicles on road 60.

We stop at the shop of Musa in Al Fawwar and speak to people who bitterly complain about decision to impose a closureinfo-icon on the occupied areas for eleven days. This severely harms livelihoods and encourages terrorism. Their words.

On the road, it seems that the police are very busy with fining vehicles and have at least four patrol cars guarding them accompanied by soldiers.

We entered Hebron via the Kiryat Arba industrial zone. The guard at the entrance receives us with words of hate. (Ruthie was frightened by the rudeness, I'm already used to it) .We did not respond.

From past  experience, the best tactic.

Kapisha, the cemetery and the archaeological garden. No people in the streets. At the Cave of the Patriarchs there is a large tour of people wearing skullcaps. And another group of tourists from the UK who look like as if they are of our opinions.

In Hebron itself, we are allowed to enter through the three new checkpoints

At the Abed checkpoint at any given moment, detaineesinfo-icon are detained. One of them is also asked to lift his shirt and pull up his pants off his shoes. Making sure that he's without a knife.

The TIPH policemen tell us that Yom Kippur passed without any special problems.

A young Palestinian tells us that he has a young lady friend from Holland who arrived at Ben Gurion airport and was not allowed to enter the county. We will hope with him that love will conquer the occupation. We gave him the telephone number of  Gabi's office.

The photos show:

The Sukkah of the Makhpela house with border policemen behind it 

The Sukkah under the pillbox

In Kiryat Arba and Hebron signs are hung marking the 50 years of occupation.

To so many people this is  the natural way of things

It is difficult not to despair.

Holiday greetings.

The Sukkah of the Makhpela house. The border policemen are behind it
Hagit Back
The pillbox soldiers enjoy a Sukkah under the pillbox
Hagit Back