Dura-Al Fawwar Junction, South Hebron Hills, Zif Junction

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Raya. Translator: Natanya
החרמת ציוד חקלאי
החרמת קרוואן
החרמת קרוואן והרס

South of the Zif junction, agricultural buildings were demolished yesterday and two mobile caravans were taken by army forces accompanied by the police.

Nasser says that the caravans and equipment that were stored inside the caravan were intended for agricultural work in the field.

This confiscation was not reported to them in advance and no one sent them a message as the law  requires.

An unpleasant surprise, very bad for the locals.

The landowners could not believe that their "life" was being destroyed.

This is their livelihood. This is their way of earning a living.  This is their dignity and it is all taken in an instant.

Anger and frustration are great and tears of despair cover the face.

At the El Fawwar  junction, the Civil Administration arrived and confiscated every vegetable stand which are there as a result of the hard work of the Palestinians.

Muhammad who sells his wares on his farmland tells us with great anger that all their labor went down the drain.

The goods were confiscated

The money for their  work over a long period, plowing the field, sowing the vegetables, fertilizing the field, irrigating the area and collecting the produce from the land was lost. They will not see the results of their hard work.