Etzion DCL

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Shlomit S. Ora A. Translation: Naomi Gal

10:30 we again met people prevented (from entering Israel), who had permits, worked in Israel and supported their families and suddenly found themselves GSS prevented without a livelihood. One prevented was accompanied by his employer, a Jew from Tekoa who was trying hard to help his employee remove the prevention. We spoke with him and he treated us warily rather than respectfully. People arrived to a meeting with the policeman, who was supposed to be at DCL from eight, but was not there. A man who claimed his matter was urgent was told that the policeman had “something urgent” and promised that he will be there at one o’clock. Having no choice, five people continued to wait for him patiently.

A man addressed us and said that he leased some land near Sair and brought an empty container so he could rest there at break time. It was confiscated immediately. To be able to take care of having it back he was given the official phone number of the supervisor in-charge. He called this number many times but the supervisor does not answer. He was not given the number of the supervisor’s cellphone. Meanwhile the container is "hospitalized" and he knows that the State of Israel will demand to be paid for each day of this "hospitalization".

Some people came out after receiving permits to the hospital and others who received magnetic cards.