The entrance to Azzun is closed by concrete blocks

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Nina S., Herzliya A. Translator: Charles K.
בטונדות חוסמות את הכניסה לעזון
השער במחסום פלאמיה צפון סגור

The occupation routine.  The main entrance to ‘Azzun is really blocked now, not only by the yellow gate.

Falamiya north, 914

Opening hours:  12:45-13:15

12:20  ‘Azzun.  The entrance is closed by concrete blocks, a military vehicle alongside them.  A Palestinian taxi managed to squeeze between the gate and the concrete block, and a female soldier who wanted to stop it was disappointed when the taxi drove by her and accelerated (She almost fired on it; I was very fearful).  We detoured through ‘Izbet Tabib, entered ‘Azzun and continued to Falamiya.

12:45  Falamiya.  The gate is closed.  Four people wait, including a smiling, pleasant woman, on their way to the za’atar fields.

12:55  The soldiers arrived.  Two minutes later they begin opening the gatesinfo-icon.  We see for the first time a new, third gate across the road, and behind it those returning from the fields.  Thus there are three gates that must be opened:  when leaving the fields and getting on the security road; when getting off the security road; and the third at the entrance to the road to Falamya.

13:10  After a long delay because the computer was down the problem was finally resolved by entering the identity of those crossing via the phone, and everyone begins to cross.  First to the fields and then to the village, by bicycle, tractors and on foot.  All are from the village of Jamal.

13:20  The last people cross and we drive to Jayous.

Jayous west (Falamya south) 935

Opening hours:  13:25-13:45

13:35  People wait to cross to the fields.  The soldiers arrive, open the gatesinfo-icon and everyone goes through.

13:40  We left.