Qalqiliya-closure, Israeli customers buy at the seamzone

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Daniela G. - a telephone report; Translator:Hanna K.

O. Seemed much more relaxed. This may be mainly owing to the laws which the Israelis set up for themselves these days concerning the rules and limitations regarding their freedom of moving, which, “thank God” bring him many customers.  To him and to his neighbors in the area the situation seems much better than before.

On the other hand he does not understand why there is a perpetual curfew in his town, Qalqiliya. He cannot enter or exit without being checked and leaving his personal details, whereas when he travels to other towns, like Nablus for instance, nobody stops him and nobody asks why he comes or leaves. One of his assumptions is that the curfew in his town is not lifted because till now there has not been even one person sick with corona. So be it he says, this is a blessing. And let only town citizens with authorisations enter and leave.  But why, he asks, in the town itself the movement is limited and I am obliged to go to my father on foot?

Another complaint which the locals have concerns the fact that the mosques are closed whereas the sweets and pastry shops where one buys things for the upcoming holiday are open, the queues are very long and people who wait there are terribly crowded, nobody is able to keep a good distance from the others. So why don’t they open the mosques the people ask. In the mosques it is much easier to keep distance between the praying people.

He sends regards to all our members and is full of longing.