Habla checkpoint: Crossing through holes in the fence for lack of choice

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Pnina and Herzliya Translation: Bracha 

Habla (1393)

06:30 – Many people were crossing through openings in the fence and we saw many of them gathering near the nurseries on our way to the checkpoint.   We saw many people crossing freely through the holes in the fence while we were waiting for the soldiers to arrive at 06:50.  We even saw someone crossing riding an electric bicycle, undoubtedly he used it to return home with at the end of the work day.

A contractor from Bida complained that he was paying an Israeli  “contractor”  2,700 NIS each day to receive a permit to cross into Israel, but today when he arrived at Kalandia he found that the contractor had not renewed his permit, despite the fact that he had paid him.  He was forced to cross through a hole in the fence to go and try and settle the matter.  He complained that he was not permitted to work as a contractor in Israel despite the fact that he had been doing so for dozens of years.  He works for real estate developers in Petach Tikva and Bnei Brak and has people working under him. 

At 06:55 the soldiers arrived.  Those crossing through Habla gathered next to the middle gate because the gate at Habla was already broken down.  A line was created and people crossed in an orderly fashion. 

A. from the first nursery near the road crossed and happily declared that the soldiers were behaving decently.   A lot of people crossed and it appeared that there were many more people without certificates, or that they simply preferred not to show them.

The soldiers sent three people back without permits.  The computer showed that they had permits, but had not brought them.

The gate was closed at 07:30.