North checkpoints: The new construction in the Shaked settlement is approaching the checkpoint

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Hannah H.with Pierre, the Driver Marcia L., Translation


15:10 – Anin Checkpoint

People wait for the opening of the checkpoint and tell us that in the morning, the soldiers took the permit from one of the farmers because on Monday, he returned home via Barta’a Checkpoint and not as he should from this checkpoint. Apparently, he didn’t feel well and wanted to return home as soon as possible, since the Barta`a c/p is open all day he went back through there.  Forbidden!  He then had to sit in the sun and wait until 15:15 for the checkpoint to open.

15:15 – The soldiers arrive, organize themselves, put on their helmets and open the checkpoint.  Eleven people and one tractor pass through the checkpoint quickly on their way home.

15:30 – Tura Checkpoint

A father from Umm Reihan waits for the girls from his family,  who return from Jenin loaded with gifts for a relative’s wedding.  A car with passengers and an empty truck pass through the checkpoint quickly in the direction of the West Bank.  A woman with children dressed festively, and workers, returning from their jobs, pass through to the West Bank.

Additional houses from the settlement of Shaked, are moving closer to the area of the checkpoint.

15:50 – Barta’a Checkpoint

Cars arrive at the checkpoint, one after the other, and workers enter the sleeveinfo-icon (the enclosed pathway leading to and from the checkpoint) on their way home from work in Israel and the Seamline Zone.  A worker who lives in Cafin and works in the settlement of Shaked, returns home through Barta’a Checkpoint.  However, in the morning, he must leave from Taybe Checkpoint (Efraim Gate), a trip that takes an hour and costs NIS 35.  Workers return from construction jobs in adjacent Harmish, but in the morning, they left through distant Jamala Checkpoint (Gilboa).  Cars with passengers pass quickly to the West Bank via the vehicle checkpoint.