Dura-Al Fawwar Junction, Sansana (Meitar Crossing), South Hebron Hills

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Muhammad, Daphna, Nurit and a guest; Translator: Natanya
דרום הר חברון - אצל המשפחה באפקאקיס
דרום הר חברון - עם תאופיק בחורסה

Sunday, on the way to the Meitar checkpoint, a long line of cars towards the territories. According to Muhammad, early in the morning, there was also a big traffic jam on the way to Israel. The parking lot is full

We drove on Route 60 to Khursa, and on the way we saw the growing and developing Havat Yehuda. Construction is being done at the former fire station, just before the Al-Fawwar junction, apparently to prepare the place for the addition of settlers.

In Khursa we met Tawfiq. He said that two weeks ago, children made a mess and threw stones, then soldiers threw gas grenades at them. In recent years, he said, the soldiers' hand is light on the trigger and the pressure on the people has increased, especially now, when the economic situation is really not good. Everything has become more expensive, people have a hard time finding work, they have a hard time going to Israel, the bureaucracy is complicated and difficult and very expensive for people to even go to work .… Even in the family divan, meeting house, which is between the checkpoints with a Pillbox, between Khursa and Negohot, it is difficult to be .... The soldiers changed positions, and they are more difficult, interfering with events and not at all flexible with the family .…

Tawfiq communicates well with the DCO and solves problems, but the feeling is of increasing pressure .…  

We continued to Ifkaikis, one family, 2 houses, (the third was destroyed), stuck between the settlements Negohot and Bustan Hill (Negohot B). We met the grandmother with her house and three grandchildren. The other children work in the area and some in Israel. They showed us how the settlers make a new road behind the village houses, connecting Negohot A to B, with a bulldozer that works mainly at night ....

Legal ???? And no one stops them. 

We continued to Al Fawwar, as we needed gas and not all the gas stations which were on the way, have fuel to sell ....

At the junction, near the soldiers' post, at the entrance to the city, new barbed wire has been placed, to protect the post, so that people can not get close.

Later, Abu Safi called, saying that early in the morning, Israel Kaplan's herds were in his wheat fields and eating his grain .... Abu Safi was trying to maintain good relations and when he informed Israel, he claimed he did not know about it, it was the boys, who were there with the sheep....

An unresolved matter, which is repeated, over and over again and there is no one to save and help Abu Safi, an old man, a farmer, who has to deal with it alone !!! 

On the way to Israel, there was also heavy traffic, vehicles and trucks, more than usual.