South Hebron Hills – settlers’ sheep use Palestinian landלסטינית

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Smadar (reporting) and Muhammad; Editor: Mira Balaban; Translator: Natanya
ואדי רד'ים - עם נאוריס
ואדי רד'ים - פארח ואחיותיה עם הגדי בטיפולן

The purpose of the shift: to assist  in the crossing of the  checkpoint  of the Palestinians from Simiya who are going to the sea which has been organized by women of  MachsomWatch , and  to report on the situation in the area of Abu Safi and the residents of the Wadada.

Passage of Sea Day participants from Simiya: Sea days are organized by women from MachsomWatch so as to allow the Palestiniansto have a day at the sea which normally they are prevented from doing by the checkposts. Palestinians from the West Bank get a day of joy and fun, and also get to know Israelis who are not soldiers or settlers. Farhan (from the village of Simiya, near Samu’), sent Muhammad information about the people of Simiya who were going to the sea, and therefore we started the shift at the Meitar crossing, with the aim of making sure that the passage of the villagers would go well. Happily, the transition was smooth. Later we went to Abu Safi.

Abu Safi lives in the area southwest of Asa’el, and near Israel Kaplan's Mikneh-Yehuda farm (an illegal  outpost). Abu Safi is hospitalized in a hospital in Hebron, after undergoing catheterization. According to the diagnosis, he must undergo heart surgery.

Nauris, Abu Safi's wife, takes care, with the help of the daughters and her son Rami, to continue managing the farm. We are sitting at the entrance to their house. Nauris says that Israel Kaplan moved his herd to the land of his neighbor,  Ahmad, which was sold to Kaplan a few months ago. On this land which  was Ahmad's, the land is   being prepared probably so as to  plant  a vineyard. In addition, for the past week, Kaplan's shepherd has been bringing his flock into Abu Safi's territory every day. Now the situation is that there is no barley left for Abu Safi's sheep. Rami, Abu Safi's son, tried to talk to the shepherd, but he didn't even respond. The police were not contacted: there is no point.

Saleh, a resident of the area called Lower Wadada, moved to an area that belongs to him, between Samu’ and the Asa’el outpost, because of the daily incursions by Yinon, the settler from the Meitarim farm.

Rania, Abu Safi's daughter, gave birth about a month ago to a daughter, Rasha. We brought clothes and babyinfo-icon products, and we made her happy