Falamiya, Falamiya North Checkpoint (914), Falamiya South Checkpoint (935)

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Nura R., Hannah P. (reporting).  Chana Stein translating


Flamiyah, north gate (914)

The people already know us (especially the flag, it seems), and get a lift with us at the entrance to the village. The gate opens at 05:50.  People complain that they are still unable to return earlier, because at 17:00 they are already exhausted.  They reach the gate early and wait for it to open.

Routine prevails – groups of five follow one another quietly and with discipline.  One man asks, rhetorically, when they will finally pull down the fence.  Another man says, “I’m already 55, since I was a kid there was occupation, but it has gotten worse.” He adds that if there were the will, we could solve the problems between the two sides (“over a cup of coffee,” in his words), except that the “managements” don’t want to.

Altogether, a donkey, a horse, a car, 12 tractors passed.

Flamiyah, south gate (935)

06:35. the gate opened. Most of the farmers arriving are from Jayus.

Suddenly the soldiers turned to a man who was already on his tractor, and claimed that he was not registered (tractor owners stand in line, are checked and registered and then return to their tractors and wait their turn to enter).  He said that he was registered.  The soldiers made him dismount, so as to clarify the matter.  The gate is open until 07:00 and the tractors arrive within this time.

Altogether, there were 8 tractors and 1 car.