Dura-Al Fawwar Junction, Hakvasim (sheep) Junction, South Hebron Hills

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Yehudit K. (reporting), Muhammad D. Translator: Natanya

Short report:

Sunday at the checkpoint – much traffic and tension and illegal workers hiding in the sands beyond the  traffic circle.

Route 60: Heavy traffic and lots of trucks with construction materials traveling without consideration for  their size and length.

Barriers: Dahariya (army), Abda (army), Dura (army) to Fuwwar (army), Sheep Junction (police), Beit Hagai (Border Police), Bani Na'im (army and police), although we did not see any special delays: We travelled  to the entrance of Halhul. There is  a military checkpoint at the exit of the village of Shuyukh (not far from the traffic circle). Halhul ais already open.