Hebron, South Hebron Hills, Tarqumiya

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Ariella, Semadar, Michal (reporting and taking photos.); Translator: Natanya

We tried once  again to pay a traffic fine for  someone who lives in the occupied territories. He can only pay in Israel and he is not allowed to enter. Chelm.   Are we the chosen people or the wicked people.

We went to meet him in the area of Tarkumiya, received the report,  paper and money and again went to Kiryat Arba. We're like the only extraterrestrials without bobo on our heads. The polite and kind clerk tries to help. Again it is impossible because  the report is from 3 years ago. Let's hope there is a service in Arabuc at the transport police. They told us that  only the person on whose name the report is could get information on the subject.