Etzion D.C.O: Once again, the army does not keep its decisions

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Shlomit S. Ora A. Translation: Naomi Gal

It is a well-known decision that men over the age of 55 are allowed to enter Israel without a permit (but only after 8am, so that, god forbid, they would not work). When we arrived, we met a group of older men from Bethlehem who complained that they were not allowed to pass at the checkpoint with no reason. Some even became "administratively prevented". "Administrative prevention" is a prevention without an expiration date and for no known reason. A better prevention is by arrest and even better than those two is GSS (General Security Service) prevention, because can be appealed. The "best" prevention is one imposed by the police. Those who wish to appeal could use a guy sitting next to a car with an open door, and beside a makeshift desk. The guy writes applications in Hebrew, such as applying for a permit to enter Israel in order to be hospitalized in a hospital, for which he receives 5 shekels. He might have helped a young man from Hebron, who said that he could not get an entry permit to Israel in order to get a visa at the US consulate. He said he was sent from Hebron to Etzion and from Etzion to Hebron, and back again.

We know it is very hard to obtain a permit for a meeting at the US consulate.