Falamiya North Checkpoint (914), Falamiya South Checkpoint (935)

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Nina S., Herzlia A.

A routine day without special events.

Falamiya North, 914

Opening Hours 12:45-13:15

On the way to the CP we passed through the village. The shops were closed and there wasn’t anybody on the streets.

12:40 We were a bit early.

12:45 The soldiers arrived. A young man was waiting to cross over to his family’s plantations to irrigate them and to work on the guava plantation which requires a a lot of work. The family also owns olive groves, which they process since 1975, and they also grow za’atar. He told us that there was a water allocation for the plantations, and that he was going to use this allocation. Therefore he could irrigate only at these hours. The soldiers enabled him to pass first and he hoped to return quickly.

On the other side of the CP about twenty people were waiting to return to their homes. 6 tractors passed with cargo carts, 5 bicycle riders and pedestrians who joined the tractors with the carts. One car also passed on its way to the village.

13:10 The gate was closed. We drove to Falamiya South.

Falamiya South (Jayyus West) 935 CP

Opening Hours 13:25-13:45

13:20 We arrived and so did the soldiers.

13:25 The gatesinfo-icon were opened.

13:30 A car passed through the gate to the plantations, a tractor entered with about 8-10 people who joined it at the front and in the cart from behind. A car entered. 2 additional tractors with carts passed through.

13:40 The soldiers began closing the gate but a tractor arrived and they allowed it to enter. The tractor entered and came back out immediately. It wasn’t clear whether that was the driver’s decision or whether there was something wrong with his documents. In the meantime another tractor arrived from the fields and the soldiers left the gate open until he passed.

13:45 The gate was closed.

When we arrived at the Habla region it was too late to enter.