Hebron, South Hebron Hills, Tarqumiya

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Muhammad and Daphna; Translator: Nayanya

We passed a Tarkumiya crossing, the parking lot is full , on the way to Hebron more soldiers, more trucks, assembling more  cameras at the entrance to IdhnaA much greener area, farming terraces, lots of vines, and other crops, compared to the southern Hebron Mountains area.

We moved to Route 60 and entered Hebron from the side of Kiryat ArbaThere are few Palestinian vehicles, at the checkpoint with the police station, because it is hard  to receive permits, to be allowed to drive in Jewish Hebron ..... The shops are closed and the streets are deserted, Shuhada Street, in general, there is no passage by car or on foot ... a wasteland ...

We entered Hosni's grocery store, which is located between two checkpoints, in the Kafisha neighborhood,  and he tells of calm and relative quiet, settlers use Palestinian garages and the  grocery store for shopping.

Later we met Abu Safi from Wadi Radim, who says that recently the settlers have been bothering him less and there is a lull. (Maybe because herds are not taken out to pasture?).