Dura-Al Fawwar Junction, South Hebron Hills, Zif Junction

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Raya Y. Translator: Natanya

We passed the checkpoint and drove towards Samu' Junction. At the junction we met Ali Abu Tabih from Samu' who tells us:

Last night he drove towards the junction and soldiers who were in the military jeep stopped him and asked him to see his ID. Ali got angry and mostly offended and threw the certificate on the floor after they returned it to him. Ali says that he spoke badly to the soldiers and told them to leave

At the Dura Al Fawwar junction, all the vehicles entering the settlement are carefully inspected. We tried to find out at the gas station if they had any idea why each vehicle was stopped. We were told that the army was looking for weapons, even at night.

At the Beit Hagai junction at the exit from Hebron, the Border Police stops vehicles at random and traffic flows.

At the Yatta junction, police officers distribute reports only to Palestinian vehicles.

Nabil from the grocery store at Zif Junction reports that recently, a military vehicle stands there most of the day and makes observations.