Wad al-Ahmar: ethnic cleansing!

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Nurit Popper, Hagar Gefen,  Daphne Banai (report and photos) Video filmed by A. From Wd al Ahmar

So this is how Jewish terrorism is conducted in the Palestinian Jordan Valley – against a peaceful, non-violent and totally unprotected civilian population. The terror acts are imposed on a weak and impoverished population by the entire institutional and colonizing Israeli establishment. This is a wondrous collaboration of the army via its Civil Administration, the veteran colonists via the Jordan Valley Regional Council, the extreme or so-called messianic colonists via the deniers of institutional and planned terrorism (most of Israel’s Jewish citizens led by the Israeli media) who – like the German people at the time – turn a blind eye and do not see nor show these crimes:


First of all, most of the area is declared a military ‘firing zone’ where Palestinians are totally out of bounds, even in passing. The same ‘firing zones’ wind around colony areas in order to injure only Palestinians and enable the good life in the colonies. 80% of such ‘firing zones’ are not at all active!!

However, in those same ‘firing zones’ live human beings who have always been there, long before these areas were designated as firing zones by the army. The Palestinian residents’ tents are then demolished, the people are denied water, even prevented from bringing their own water in their own ways. A month ago, A.’s water tanker was confiscated when he drove to bring water, and was fined 8,314 shekels if he wanted it back. The rich State of Israel fines impoverished A. by 8,314 shekels because he wanted his children to have drinking water!


Wad Al Ahmar is an arid area between the colonies of Yafit and Ma’ale Efrayim. Nothing grows there, there is not even the shadow of any shade. All yellow as far as the eye can see. A mere few Bedouin families have been living there for generations. A week ago, the army came in the dark of night, and once more demolished their tents. It then expelled the people by threatening them. The army did not come alone – according to the Palestinians, it was accompanied by representatives of the regional council, the police, and a highly-violent colonist who lives in an illegal outpost up the hill. After the army demolished all the structures, that colonist (called Elhanan) arrived and backed up by Israeli police, stole all their belongings: clothes, covers, household utensils – everything they had on earth. A council representative took part in the festivity with the council’s bulldozer.


We drove with M. to see where his home had been. The moment we got there, a pickup truck came driven by E. who first tried to chase us away, and then turned coat and told us about his co-existence with the locals, how brotherly they are and how much he helps them. When M. caught glimpse of him, he immediately lay down, scared, on the floor of the car. This is what co-existence looks like of the council representative and the Palestinians. We photographed him, and via the car’s registration located the man. He was stressed out by the prospect of his picture and deeds being publicized, whereas we decided not to publicize them if M. will remain safe. After he left, we viewed the ruins of Wad Al Ahmar – all empty. The terrorist-colonist who robbed the villagers’ belongings left nothing. The pickup truck returned, most threateningly. M.’s horror attested to the terrorism under which the local inhabitants live. We later met another former resident of Wad Al Ahmar who has moved elsewhere. He added that the council members and the colonist patrol the area that used to be the Palestinians’ home, and threaten them with potential vehicle confiscation.  The last time he ran into the colonist, the latter pointed his gun at him and threatened to shoot if the man would not leave.


This was no demolition. It was expulsion. Ethnic cleansing of the area.