'Azzun, Falamiya North Checkpoint (914), Falamiya South Checkpoint (935)

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Nina S., Ariela (a new participant), Herzlia A. (reporting); Translator:  Charles K.

Vehicle checkpoints at the entrance to and exit from Azzun.  They were gone when we returned in the evening.  The information Nina received from the DCL about the checkpoint hours is incorrect.  She was told Falamya south is open from 16:35 to 16:55 and Falamya north from 17:00 to 17:20.

15:50  We began at ‘Azzun, to visit Z. who’s ill.  A checkpoint at the entrance to ‘Azzun.  Soldiers inspect cars, some at length, others sent through.  We’re sent through – one of the soldiers raises his hands in surprise when he sees us.  Z. is in his shop, feels good and Nina gives him what she’s brought.  We leave for Falamya.

16:00  Beneath the Highway 55 bridge, on the road from ‘Azzun to Jayous, a long line of cars.  Two youths standing by the road say “a checkpoint.”  We go through about ten minutes later, the soldiers smile and wish us a good day.  Here too some of the cars are stopped for a more thorough inspection and others are waved through.  But only one lane is open, so whoever is coming from Jayyus/Tulkarm must wait their turn, as must those coming from the other direction.  We drive to Falamya south.  Huge puddles on the unpaved road between the fields, and after we go through three of four of them, some terribly muddy, we decide not to continue to Falamya south, turn back and drive to Falamya north.  This is a gravel road and even though there are puddles we’re unlikely to get bogged down.

16:50  The checkpoint is closed; no one is waiting.  We’re very frustrated – this is the second time recently that the gatesinfo-icon are closed and we were given the wrong hours.  The DCL reports there was an incident – which seems to explain why there were roadblocks – and the soldiers have been delayed reaching the gate, but no one is waiting – and the Palestinians know when the gate is supposed to open…

We continue to the owner of the grocery in Kafr Jimal where we’re updated about the northern checkpoint’s hours:

Falamya north 914: morning 06:00-06:30, afternoon 12:45-13:10, evening 16:00-16:20.

We’re not sure about Falamya south, but in the morning it certainly opens after Falamya north (because they don’t open in the dark), and before Famalya north in the evening.  Afternoon?

Otherwise, friendly conversations and we run into a few villagers at the grocery.