Hamra area: Intentional harassment of the Palestinian shepherds

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Gil H., Hagar G. (Reporting) Marcia L., Translation

07:19 - 11:30

We went out with the flock to graze in the hilly area west of Hamra.  A scattering of greenish spots appearing everywhere, and almost hidden, flowers begin to grow.

In this season, there is a litter almost every day.  The  young lambs don’t go out to graze so the lactating sheep must return home quickly.

And then comes the local harasser, the settler who lives in the “ranch” below.  Astride his ATV, he passes next to the sheep and the Palestinian shepherds and threatens them: “Don’t go down . . . yes, go up.”  From a distance, we hear him directing the shepherds where to turn in order to disturb the local shepherd, who is a native of this place.

Two rounds of harassment and we continue.