Road 611: Moving goods through a gap to the West Bank

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Hagar Dror, Hannah Heller Translation: Bracha Ben-Avraham

16.15  – 15.15

The activity near the hole in the fence on Route 611, opposite the village of Qeiqis was going on as usual.   Cars were parking along the rode and dropping off workers who were crossing the security fence directly into the West Bank, where they continued on to their cars parked in the improvised parking lot below the village. 

One car loaded with merchandise stopped on the side of the road.  Two people unloaded the items and passed them to the West Bank through the hole in the fence.  A resident of the West Bank crossed to the seamline zone and telephoned someone to pick him up. 

Barta’a – Reihan Checkpoint, 15:30

Groups of workers going to the West Bank were walking down the long sleeveinfo-icon.  More and more came as 16:00 approached.  We saw cars with Israeli license plates that were crossing to the West Bank being checked at the vehicle checkpoint.

A’anin Agricultural Checkpoint 15:40

Three tractors and four people were waiting for the checkpoint to open.  Only the three tractors had crossed here in the morning.  The rest had, of course, crossed to the seamline zone through the nearby hole in the fence.   The soldiers had already arrived, but did not open the gate until 15:55.    The soldiers took up their weapons, opened the gate, and the three tractors crossed quickly without being checked.

Tura – Shaked Checkpoint, 16:00

There was only light traffic at the checkpoint.  One car crossed, a few workers crossed to the West Bank and a few women crossed to the seamline zone after going shopping in the West bank