Accompanying shepherds in the area of the Hamra settlement

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Martine G., Gali H. (Reporting) Marcia L., Translation

Today we accompanied M.’s flock near the Hamra colony in the northern Valley. Around us were the flocks of Z., M.’s cousin, and A., the brother of the shepherd A., who is still in custody since Friday, December 24, after the attack by ‘hill youth’ from the colonist outpost of Coco, high above.

We climbed up high to the south, grass was green and plentiful. Moshe Sharvit, from the colonist outpost below the home of Metz, passed us in his car but did not say a word and disappeared.

Our accompaniment went unhampered.

We later met Aref of B’Tselem and gave him packages of clothes, rugs and down blankets for the families evicted from the demolitions in Ibzik.