Shu'afat refugee camp in Corona days

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Ronit Ramati, a telephone report; Translator: Natanya

Report in Corona days

Today, a resident of the Shuafat refugee camp rang me. It is actually a neighbourhood of those  neighborhoods which were annexed to Jerusalem, but is behind the separation fence. He called about a friend who wishes to unite with his family, a Palestinian from the West Bank and his Jordanian wife. He will have to wait after the epidemic, and hope that attorney Tamir Blank, with whom we work on the petitions to the court about entry into Israel, can assist him.

In the meantime, we talked about the situation. My friend who knows Hebrew well said that he himself is now in Bat Yam, due to his work on renovations. He has a room he rents there. His family is at home. But there is no impediment to going  to Jerusalem (the blue card holders pass through the Shuafat-Anata checkpoint). Today his wife went to the post office in Jerusalem to draw the money he ends  her.

The Shuafat refugee camp has no Corona patients. But there is one case in nearby Anata as well as two cases in the nearby village of Hizma.

We said goodbye with wishes for good health