Burin - soldiers fail in trying to drive Palestinians from their land

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Fathiya - a recorded message; Translator: Natanya

Report in Corona days

Today Doha sent a recording and pictures from yesterday.

Doha was on her land which is next to Huwwara, she, her husband and their son when soldiers came to them and asked them: "what are you doing here?". They  told them that they had come to spray the weeds and clean the area. The soldiers asked for IDs and when they gave them the IDs them told them to throw them on the ground and did not touch them. Doha d not remain silent and told them: "You are afraid of Corona. We don't have any. Go to Yitzhar and Har Beracha, where there is Corona."

The soldiers demanded that they leave and return home

They did not agree and said that they  were on their  land and not disturbing  anyone. The soldiers walked around for a few minutes in the field. Then they told us that they would come back shortly and remove us with force if we do not leave. But they continued to work and the soldiers left and did not return.