'Anata-Shu'afat, Al-Ezariya, Container (Wadi Nar)

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Julia W., Rahel W. (reporting)

Anata:  very quiet.  Perhaps because it was the start of Ramadan and very hot as well.  Little traffic.  Everything moving very smoothly.

Isawiyya:  No changes in the road patterns.  Still blocked at the entrance to Mount Scopus.  There was an unusually high presence of military in the area, possibly because of what has been happening in the south, together with Ramadan and the coming of Yom Hazikaron. 

Al Azariah:  The entire area is becoming more decrepit and run down.  At the same time, shops are renovating and new building is taking place. 

En route to Wadi Naar.  The area which was designated for the evacuees from near Kfar Adumim has turned into yet another garbage dump.  It appears that the Bedouin encampment next to it is not currently occupied, but we are not sure.  Perhaps we saw no signs of life because it was so hot.  Will have to review it next time around.  Wadi Naar was very quiet – nothing like the once bustling area it once was.  Most of the shops in the area have closed down, but the mini market at the Container has expanded. 

Uneventful shift.