Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked, Ya'bed-Dotan

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Marina Banai, Ruthi Touval (reporting)

15.30. Yabed–Dotan checkpoint.

A change in décor:  on the cube in front is a new cement block, “het” shaped, with bags of protective material inside.

Traffic flows without interruption. A soldier watches us from the top of the pillbox. We boughtfreshly picked okra from a young farmer. A civilian van driven by a soldier, bearing the notice “Immediate Rescue Team” passes towards Mevo Dotan. Later it reappears and returns on the patrol?] road next to Turah.

16.30. Barta’a – Reihan checkpoint.

The parking lots are less crowded than usual. There are no cars on the road shoulders. Wenparked in the parking lot. People moved constantly through the turnstiles. A security man approached us and said that the new building would possibly open by the end of the month, once they had finished correcting  the  faults. And he is sure there will be ventilators. The cake seller tells us that his permit to work in Israel as a sought-after fountain builder (“they want to pay me 1000 shekel a day”) was cancelled , on the grounds that his charitable deeds (feeding and clothing orphans in Jenin) are financed by the Islamic Jihad. Identity cards that were confiscated from pedlars two weeks ago were returned to them yesterday, after many telephone calls by us and much excessive effort on their part.

17.45. Turah – Shaked checkpoint.

A few people pass calmly, collected by waiting cars. An assertive military policewoman, accompanied by a soldier, shoots at us sentences warning us not to photograph.