Habla and Falamiya - what is the use of the fence???

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Ronny P. and Nina S. Translator: Hanna K.
תור הולכי הרגל במחסום חבלה

Again the occupation routine – but there is a checkpoint which has been completely torn down and others around which there are openings that enable an almost free passage, but still there are almost no terrorist attacks in Israel, So what is the use of the fence???

06:45 On the way to the Habla CP, on the main road, just after the bridge over road no.60, and further on, there are Israeli cars and a large number of workers who mount the cars to be taken to work in Israel. It is clear that all of them passed through the openings in the fence, as the gatesinfo-icon at Habla had not yet been opened.

07:00 Habla CP – there are soldiers who keep watch lest people pass through the opening which are close to the CP.  The military police people arrive and the gates are opened. Many scores of people (over a hundred) pass. We have never seen the CP so busy. The pedestrians stood in an orderly line and not in a round queue, they are already used to do what is expected of them and fulfill the expectations. Cars with plants did also pass and everybody hurried to work. People were sent back because their permit allows them only to pass at Irtah.  On the other hand we were amazed to see that people with a permit to work in Israel who, in the past, were allowed only to pass at Irtah, passed by this CP. A young man who seemed to be not entirely healthy mentally, tried to pass and wasn’t allowed, and after he tried again the greengrocer arrived and helped him pass. The greengrocer helped him as he has a family and is not able to work, so he sits at the greengrocer’s and is paid for this.

07:30 The gate was closed for cars and although it remained open for pedestrians, the two men who arrived now were not permitted to pass. Our pleads were not listened to by the soldiers who remained silent.

07:50 The Falamiya SouthJayyus North CP is closed. It is not opening time but when we approached two soldiers came out of the open post. They seemed happy to see us.  They guard the caravan which stands there in which it seems that some control systems are stored, for lightening, photographing etc. Probably there was an attempt to damage the caravan and it is now guarded day and night. They are terribly bored and our visit made their day. The fences which had been damaged have been repaired and everything is spick and span, as a fence is supposed to look.

08:10 Falamiya North CP – not a soul around. The entire CP is broken and there is free passage for cars and pedestrians. We crossed the system road and felt strange. Our first time on the other side. It seems that here there is nothing important worth guarding and the locals can pass whenever they want to reach their fields.  They surely enjoy this freedom immensely.  Again – what is the use of a fence, let all of us live together in peace.