South Hebron Hills - visit to Zanuta

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Smadar Becker, Muhammad; Translator: Natanya
זנותא - פארס ומוחמד
זנותא - ביתו של פארס

Even before Meitar , there is a traffic jam with many trucks and vehicles in the direction of the checkpoint. Muhammad explains that there are many who go shopping before Eid Al-Adha, to Dahariya and Hebron.

On the turn from the checkpoint to Route 60, police vehicles are stopping cars (from what I got to see, mainly Arabs).

The visit to Zanuta, a village of 28 families, was with Fares Samamna, who is married to Abu Safi's daughter, whom we visit regularly.

From time to time people come to find out the possibility of purchasing a lamb for the upcoming holiday.

I remembered that there is a settler who has set up a farm not far away, and indeed, behind their house, the farm could be seen flourishing. Between the houses of Fares Samamna and the settler, there is a wadi where some of Fares' barley and wheat areas are located. During the grazing period (which has ended), the settler sends his herd to enjoy the grain of the Palestinian. In the past year a police point has been set up and Fares involves the policeman who helps him eliminate the intruder. To show that he is still around now and again the settler passes by in a jeep or ATV near Fares' living area.

He later told us that the day before he was at the Tarkumiya checkpoint so as to acquire  a magnetic card without which people cannot pass into Israel and return. He had  to wait a long time in line because the demand is great. Gaza residents also come there because they do not have a DCO. Fares has friends in Rahat whom he visits from time to time so the card is important to him.

Near the house he grows vegetables, but this year due to lack of rainy days, he has managed to grow only facus, cucumbers and okra. The water is led to a well near their home and from there is pumped for use. At the end of the visit, Fares asked us to come again.

* In the morning, Abu Safi called Muhammad and said that the settler, Israel Kaplan, had entered and let the herd drink from his well.


Back, on Road 317, in front of the settlement Mezadot Yehuda, a sign was pasted on the settlement operation intended for 7/20/22 of the Nahala movement, which several human rights organizations and a number of Knesset memebers are trying to stop.

Also back there was a larger than usual traffic load and more police vehicles and jeeps.