Sha'b al Butum – settlers from the outpost Mitzpeh Avigail attack and beat Palestinian passersby

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Smadar and Michal (reporting and photographing); Translator: Natanya
ואדי רדי'ם - רניה מספרת על מתנחלים שתקפו וקללו אותה

We went again to Wadi Radim as we wanted to hear from Abu Safi and his daughter, Rania’ about what is happening. The people of the settler, Israel Kaplan, are harassing him daily. He can no longer go out to graze the flock or do the agricultural work because he has a heart disease and is due to be operated on.

15-year-old Rania has to deal with these troublemakers.

In the picture you see her saying that they come and curse her with words that she was ashamed to repeat in Arabic, but she asked: What is a whore? That is what he called me. They also tried to beat her. They come at all hours of the day and night with ATVs which are frighteningly loud. Worse than that.  

They continue to throw sheep carcasses near his house. It's so that he will suffer from the smell and the sight, and, of course, it is a health hazard. According to him, he has already asked Kaplan to throw the carcasses in the garbage truck which comes to him. Of course, the intention is to make life miserable for him and make him want to abandon his property.

When we were driving, Muhammad told Ishak from Sha'b al-Butum.He said his neighbour who is not well, had been riding his donkey with medicines, which he had bought for the flock. Unfortunately for him, on his return he passed by a group of settlers from the neighbouring Mitzpeh Avigail who were building a tent in the area between them and Sha'b al Butum. They attacked him, beat him and took his package of medicines. And he came home, empty, beaten and humiliated. His men saw what was happening from a distance but did not dare to approach the rioters. of course.

That's how life is here every day, but who cares?