Sansana (Meitar Crossing), South Hebron Hills, Tarqumiya

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Smadar and Michal (reporting)

Tarkumiya checkpoint: We took the opportunity to see what is happening  as we had not been there for a long time. We were  supposed to meet someone who had to give us the documents to receive the money and a telephone of a detainee released from Shikna prison in Ashkelon. The checkpoint at this morning is almost empty of people. The hundreds of parked cars indicate the number of workers entering Israel. Trucks carrying a lot of goods come and go. The economies of Palestine and Gaza are mostly run through this checkpoint.

We returned home via Route 35 and Route 60. Very pastoral. Everything is quiet, no unusual movement of settlers or the IDF. All roadblocks are also open.

Also in the settlement area of the southern Hebron Mountains, few IDF vehicles are on the road.

But we know that the new settlements there need to be closely monitored after the turbulent weeks we experienced.

Near the Meitar checkpoint:

In the area of the large gap in the fence, you can no longer see the convoys of cars that used to park there on both sides of the road. They have been removed and those who dare to park risk a heavy fine. There is no presence of security forces there today.

The hole in the fence  itself has not been blocked and what is going on in the hills around it continues as usual. It is clear that the idiotic state understands that the life force and the need to bring bread home are stronger than anything.

And the billions invested in the fence / wall, for our safety? So what?