Samu' - settlers with soldiers pray in the heart of the village

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Muhammad and Daphna
בדיקות רכבים בדרך העפר מא-תוואני ליטא

Samu’ checkpoint - open, without army presence.

Dahariya checkpoint - open, without army presence. 

Report from Farhan:

Army forces + 2 buses of settlers, entered Samu(area B) to the synagogue, which is in the heart of Samu', to pray!!! Near the synagogue there is a school for young girls, who apparently started shouting and cursing the settlers and the soldiers. In response, the soldiers threw gas and stun grenades into the school yard.

20 girls were injured by the gas and panic.

After two hours, they left the place. (When there are problems with the IDF, the Palestinian police do not come). 

Further down the road, Deir Razih, there is a position under the base, and 2 soldiers are standing there, with weapons aimed.

Also in the position, near the spring, in front of Al Fawwar, soldiers with weapons aimed.

At Al Fawwar intersection, there are no soldiers in positions.

Only in the morning, there are checkpoints, and every vehicle is checked.

The southern entrance to Hebron, near Beit Hagai, is open.

Qilqis junction, there is a jeep, and soldiers are standing but not stopping people. Behind them there are soldiers on the hill, with weapons aimed.

The Sheep Intersection, there is a checkpoint, and soldiers stop and check vehicles, one by one, and behind them, a soldier in their rear, with a weapon drawn.

Zif Junction, according to Nabil from the grocery store, there are no special problems, a quiet week in the area.

In more distant areas there are problems.

Road 317, in front of At-Tuwani, on the dirt road towards Yata, there is a blockade of soldiers checking a car, a car.

After At-Tuwani, the dirt roads, at the entrance to Alkarmel, the Palestinian village, are physically blocked for vehicles to pass.

The main entrance on Route 317 to Samu', is also physically blocked.

All these blockades force a longer journey for the Palestinians.