Habla - late opening of the gate

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Carol Cook and Fathiya (reporting); Translator: Hanna K.

13:25 We arrived at the Habla CP. The gate was closed. A long line of cars and many people crowded together near the gate, at both sides.

We contacted the DCO and the answer was that we are forbidden to talk with organisations or with citizens, that was a decree. I asked whom I could contact and the reply was the Ephraim Division. I asked for their phone number. They said they didn’t know, and cut us off. Five minutes later the soldiers arrived and until they opened the gatesinfo-icon and went to their posts, another five minutes passed. We waited to see when they intended closing the gate, and to our surprise, immediately after all the people who were there had passed, at 14:00 hrs exactly, the gate was closed, and the soldiers mounted on their vehicle. We tried to talk to them but they did not answer us and left.

14:30 Jit Intersection. The post was manned and three soldiers stood on the side of the road.

15:00 Burin. The post opposite the school was manned and they told us that three days ago the soldiers teased the students and the students threw stones at them. The people assembled and the soldiers made off.

15:20 Huwwara. The soldiers stood near the tower and prepared themselves. We continued to Beit Furiq and when we returned they already stood at the barrier on both sides and carried checks out, and the traffic jam on the main road reached the entrance to Beita.

16:00 Za’tara. The soldiers were at the site but not at the posts.