Khursa - the inhabitants live between settlements and barriers

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Raya Y. Translator: Natanya
הפילבוקס והדיוואן צמודים זה לזה עם השערים שסוגרים את התנועה
הפילבוקס בחורסה

Raya Yaor

Natanya translating


We entered through the Negohot junction.


Today the checkpoint at the entrance Beit Awwa  was open after a long period when it had been closed .


In Khursa, the residents say that until  there is the peace, the economic situation is difficult and life as they see it is not good.


Citizens livw  between the checkpoints and the settlements and it is difficult for them to understand how and if the political situation

will change. The hope for change seems out of sight for the adults.


Al Fuwwarra  has a manned barrier including a military jeep and a police vehicle.