Sheikh Subah

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Nurit, Irit Translator: Charles K.

The fenced outpost of “Shaharit” Farm has been established on land belonging to Kufr al-Dik and Bidiya where maqam Sheikh Subah was once located.  Within the fenced area, which has been designated state land, settlers planted grape vines in place of the Palestinians’ olive trees.

Maqam Sheikh Subah had been visible from afar:  huge boulders, a pole with a camerainfo-icon in their midst.  There are also cameras on the rocks along the road to the outpost.


Now, according to Dror Etkes from Kerem Navot, the government is rapidly acting to designate as state land an additional large area.  Turning the outpost into a settlement is only a matter of time.

According to an inquiry Issa Suf, from Hares,  conducted at the Waqf’s offices in Salfit, Maqam Sheikh Subah doesn’t appear on their lists.  So our options are limited.  We disappointed Yussuf, from Bidiya, who brought us to the location and told us what his father had told him about his childhood memories of Sheikh Subah

The growing settlement of Alei Zahav is clearly visible on the other side of the road.