'Azzun, Eliyahu Crossing, Falamiya, Habla

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Roni P., Karin Lindner (reporting), Chana Stein translating.

Beginning of Ramadan, the fence gatesinfo-icon opened on time, but there was no response on the army’s part to the farmers’ request/demand to open earlier in the afternoon– from 16.00 to 17.30– despite the promise to deal with the matter after the strike.

The dog handlers have resumed at Eliyahu checkpoint.

12:30  Eliyahu checkpoint

Passage in Israel's direction is swift. We saw a dog handler next to the checking area.

13:00. Falameh North checkpoint (914)

One of the few fence checkpoints that still display a yellow poster, which is supposed to show the gate’s number and its opening hours.

flamiya 06062016.JPG
השער במחסום פלאמה צפון 914 עם שלט דהוי ללא מספר השער או שעות הפתיחה

Some farmers were waiting for tractors with loaded trailers to be checked by the soldiers.  According to them the checkpoint opened on time, at 12:45, but the late afternoon opening time was difficult for them, especially now during Ramadan, when they are tired and dehydrated – but also on other days. They feel that not enough has been done to make their daily work in their fields easier. When the checkpoint far from their homes opens only 3 times a day, that makes life harder for them.

14:00. Habla checkpoint (1393)

After a short visit to Azzun to our friend’s new shop.

Very few people are passing, according to the soldiers.  Also in Beth Amin there were fewer farmers. ‘A’s  plant nursery was also very quiet and there were no complaints.

14:40. Eliyahu checkpoint

Two cars in the checking area, and the dog handler active next to one of them.

Sal’it checkpoint (839), by telephone:

According to G. from Kfar Sur, there is no point coming to Sal’it now during Ramadan, as the gate is not open at noon.  There are a few farmers who cross in the morning and remain until the afternoon opening.

There are complaints by farmers and workers that their permits had been taken by soldiers with the announcement that they are ‘refused permits.’  They have applied to the Centre for the Defense of the Individual, but so far did not receive a reply.