Wadi Radim - a settler closed the water tap of the well and they have to bring expensive water tankers from Samu'

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Daphna (reporting), and Mohammad. Editor: Mira Balaban; Translator: Natanya
ואדי רדים - אבו סאפי ובנותיו

Meitar: Sunday, the parking lots are full as usual.

Early in the morning, there were roadblocks at the Dura-Al Fawwar intersection. At the Sheep crossing the army is present but without a checkpoint.

Nasser Nawaja', a B'Tselem investigator from Susiya, says that Hamudi Harini, from At-Tuwani, was detained by the security forces for several hours. People didn't know what had become of him. It turns out that he went to his land above the village to irrigate the area. Settlers came down to him, called in the army, and complained that he was threatening them. That's why he was arrested. He was released unconditionally and without restrictions!

A visit to Abu Safi, whose home is in threatening proximity to Yisrael Kaplan's Mikneh Yehuda farm, near Asael:

Abu-Safi he does not look well. He is awaiting heart surgery, maybe next week. He cannot work and cultivate his lands, so he depends on his son and daughters who do their best, especially with the flock of sheep.

A few days ago, the carcass of a goat was found at the entrance to the road leading to his family's home. He spoke to Kaplan who denied having anything to do with this.

Abu Safi complains that a settler by the name of Amnon, who probably came down from the Meitarim farm in the vicinity of Zanuta, closed the water tap of the well in his (Abu Safi's) territory, and drove out his son, who had come with the sheep to water them.

The result: they have to bring water tankers from Samu'. It takes half a day and costs a lot of money. Luckily for him, the settlers do not come near his house but pass by the nearby road, but still manage to disrupt his life and that of his family.