Dura-Al Fawwar Junction, South Hebron Hills

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Nina and Hagit S.S. (reporting); Translator: Natanya

A very short shift - the new engine which was just put in a few days ago was making problems. There was a strong doubt that we could continue the journey. Within minutes,we decided to try to reach the Al-Fawwar junction, to see what was happening there and then continue to the garage.

And indeed, at the Fawwar junction, there were convoys of yellow taxis carrying passengers. In the direction of the entrance to al-Fawwar the yellow gate is closed.

In the direction of Dura - the Border Police stops every car or pedestrian for inspection.

Also the northern entrance to Abda was closed.

After temporary emergency treatment in the garage, it was decided not to make further attempts. We returned through the Shoket junction, which is a very busy day, a lot of cars parked around  as well as a number of buses of prisoners' visits.

The car will go into the garage today, which means that for a week it will not be in use and the continuation of the shifts will be  in a hired car.