Corona Times Report: Kafr Sur – Sal’it checkpoint is closed and the farmer cannot access his olive groves now

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Micky F. transfers a telephone report. Tal H (translator)

12 noon - speaking with G. from Kafr Sur. He said that every family is at home. There are no Coronavirus patients in the village. In order to travel from village to village, people have to obtain permits from the Palestinian Authority.  He said that Sal'it checkpoint is closed. He is a farmer owning about 50 dunams inside the seam-line zone and cannot access his olive groves now, where he needs to plow and spray at this time of year. He also reported that permits are only granted framers with seasonal crops. He said they are in contact with Nehaya of the Center for the Defense of the Individual, who is trying to solve the problem of permits for farmers. 

He asked how we were and expressed wishes for this closureinfo-icon to end...